Monday, January 16, 2017

AnthropoScene at Million Women's March-Jan 21, 1pm Centennial Sq

We plan to create a ceremonial AnthropoScene at the global Million Women's March in Victoria on the day after President-of-the-Petrostate Trump's inauguration.

Jan 21, 1 pm
Centennial Square
Victoria, BC

Entitled "Sacred Oil"

A "scientist" and a "businessman" will baptize a naked mother figure who is actually a mother with an oil-like substance.* 

Audience members will be given motor oil bottles filled with "oil"* to douse the businessman and scientist if they so wish.

* The "oil" is molasses. We will use a tarp because, although oil spills aren't considered a problematic mess by corporations/governments/lots of people, molasses in the city is.

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