Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Street Suite AnthropoScene

Visit us at our Street Suite AnthropoScene as we relax at the end of the day in our cosy craftsman bedroom suite.

Everyone needs a comfortable and inspiring place to unwind from the challenges of the day and to recharge for the exciting opportunities that lay ahead. I read that on the website of one of Canada's most expensive furniture stores, so it must be true!

Where better than on the streets of downtown Victoria where so many lay their heads at night to recharge for those exciting opportunities that lay ahead?!

Yes. Outside at the corner of Yates and Government.

Saturday, March 11

All welcome. Free.

Link to Facebook event

AnthropoScenes are experiential art pieces, on the street, for everyone, held at least once a month.

We in the AnthropoScene Collective feel compelled to address the ongoing Anthropocene Epoch/mass extinction humans are creating and living in.

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